Talking Tag

Talking Tag is the official companion podcast for Slashtag. Listen to your hosts Jon and Nate learn secrets of the show from special guests like Slashtag host Lucy Hodge, eliminated contestants, even a surprise guest or two!

Episode 1: Slashtag Hyped


In the premiere episode Jon and Nate take a deep dive into the contestants and give their odds to win. They also sit down with Lucy Hodge and try to get her to spill the tea ahead of the big premiere.

Episode 2: The Body System

In episode 2 Jon and Nate cover all the big details from the first leg of the program (pun intended). For those who have wondered what exactly the differences are between the multiple films made about the Propitius, they will fill you in on all the silver screams. Finally, they will have a chat with a special mystery guest!

Episode 3: Meta-Physics

In this episode the hosts get to take a peek behind the curtain in an interview with Jake Bartlett, senior puzzle designer for Slashtag. Get ready to learn all sorts of details about the amount of planning it takes to pull off an event as ambitious as Slashtag, and how exactly they're pulling off these incredible eliminations! Also Nate and Jon argue over who would win in a fight.

Episode 4: The End?

At what appears to be the conclusion of Slashtag, the Hosts share their thoughts on the series, the winner/winners, and that wild conclusion.

Episode 5: Update-- Six Months Later

The hosts reflect on the impact of Slashtag in retrospect with a very special guest. You won't want to miss this episode!